Friday, January 25, 2013

Fashionable Finds Friday

Hey there! I know it's been a while but I'm back at it. Starting from today every other Friday I will share with you all five fashionable finds that I have gotten in the past month or so. I know there are six pieces below but since the first one is the same shoe we'll just count them as five lol. I picked up everything in store. For some reason I feel like majority of the time most stores have way better deals in store than online. Target, DSW, and Kohls especially is 80% of the time cheaper in store. All of these items still should be available in stores for similar prices to what I paid. Online they are way more so check in stores first if you would like these items. Let me know if you guys are feeling this Fashionable Finds Friday or not and if it's something I should continue doing. 
Ever since I seen these at the beginning of winter I wanted them but I was not going to pay $32 for them. I got one with a gold cap toe and silver also at Target for $9.88 each. 
I love this neon detail on this clutch! I had to have it. Original price was $34.94 but I picked it up at DSW for $14. 
This mustard belt seems to go with everything. Got it for half the original price at Target for $8.48.
I seen this blazer in this month's People Style Watch issue of I know it had to be mine. Original price was $80 but I got it for a steal at Kohls for $8.40.
This black and white detail is amazing on this blazer. Original price was $84 but I snagged it for $13.23 at Kohls



  1. Absolutely love the shoes! They're awesome!

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  2. You found some awesome things! I love the shoes!

  3. I am supposed to be on a spending binge Reana!!! But these super low prices, have got me thinking!

    1. Haaa I'm on one too but when I see a deal I can't resist lol