Friday, January 25, 2013

Fashionable Finds Friday

Hey there! I know it's been a while but I'm back at it. Starting from today every other Friday I will share with you all five fashionable finds that I have gotten in the past month or so. I know there are six pieces below but since the first one is the same shoe we'll just count them as five lol. I picked up everything in store. For some reason I feel like majority of the time most stores have way better deals in store than online. Target, DSW, and Kohls especially is 80% of the time cheaper in store. All of these items still should be available in stores for similar prices to what I paid. Online they are way more so check in stores first if you would like these items. Let me know if you guys are feeling this Fashionable Finds Friday or not and if it's something I should continue doing. 
Ever since I seen these at the beginning of winter I wanted them but I was not going to pay $32 for them. I got one with a gold cap toe and silver also at Target for $9.88 each. 
I love this neon detail on this clutch! I had to have it. Original price was $34.94 but I picked it up at DSW for $14. 
This mustard belt seems to go with everything. Got it for half the original price at Target for $8.48.
I seen this blazer in this month's People Style Watch issue of I know it had to be mine. Original price was $80 but I got it for a steal at Kohls for $8.40.
This black and white detail is amazing on this blazer. Original price was $84 but I snagged it for $13.23 at Kohls


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to Mix Prints for Beginners

Hey there! This is my first How To post and I thought I'd begin it with something really simple, mixing prints. I often get the question from my friends on how to mix prints and not look like I got dressed in the dark. The best tip that I can give for beginners is to pick two pieces that have one common color in it. As you can see from my outfit below I picked this scarf and sweater to mix and it goes well together because it does have that common color in it which is white. What's so funny is this how I got into mixing prints by picking something very basic, floral and stripes. They compliment each other so well as you can see from how I styled another outfit here . From there I moved on to harder things like polka dots and leopard or even stripes and birds, whatever your choice may be. So get to mixing prints and feel free to share them with me!
What I wore: Earrings- $1.90 Charlotte Russe/ Scarf: $6 at a Bazaar when I was deployed
Sweater- $5.99/ Bag- $10.99 Ross/ Belt- $8.48 Target/ Boots: $20 Just Fab

Monday, January 14, 2013

Metallic Feet

Hey y'all!!! Let's jump right in. I put this outfit together for the link up Eboni from The Fashionista Next Door put on and the theme was camo pants. Welllll I don't have any camo pants and the thought I'm still going to participate with the next best thing to it these army green pants. I'm so kicking myself right now because a few years back we stopped wearing BDUs in the Air Force as our uniform. I ended up taking all that stuff to the goodwill since it was sitting in my closet taking up space even though my mom told me to keep at least one. My husband still has one pair but um it doesn't fit since my he's 6'5, it looks like a huuuuge dress on me lol. I'm gonna have to get it tailored make it smaller or a vest make something work because I need some camo in my life fa real.
On to these shoes I seen them in July on sale for $30 when we were in Tampa for our wedding but my husband hated them so much I didn't buy them. Fast forward some months and I'm browsing Nine West online and they had them on clearance for $17. Please believe I snatched them up this time despite my husband liking them. What's so funny when they came in the mail he said those better not be those shoes we saw in Tampa and I just had to laugh and say nooooo of course not lol!!! I'm like babe metallic is hot in the streets right now I love them and what do you know about fashion. He said hot or not they ugly. Sounds like a hater to me.
I was kind of iffy about this outfit but when I seen it on the camera it all came together as 
it did in my mind. However my husband didn't understand it but what guy does lol.
This is a jacket I tied in the back so the belt wouldn't be hanging. Ironic Eboni did 
the same thing. I guess great minds think alike.
What: Necklace- $3 Wet Seal/ Shirt- 4.09 Old Navy/ Jacket- 11.99 F21 
Pants- 10.99 Ross/ Shoes- 18.96 Nine West

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two Pops of Color

Hey y'all! It's my first post of 2013 finally!!! I've been wanting to post for a while but I really haven't been going anywhere especially since it's been rainy kinda weather here. I hate being out in the rain people act like they don't know how to drive and AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!! I thought we had seen the last of the rain but apparently not. It decided to make a comeback and start sprinkling when I was taking these pics as you can see from the ground. 
Any who I don't know about y'all but when I do my hair something just comes over me and gives me inspiration for my outfit. If my hair isn't done up I don't feel like getting dressed up but honey when my hair is nice and laying right I come up with the best stuff lol. I'm loving this outfit with the two pops of color and it's my second time trying it as you can see Here
 Because of the New Year I've decided to start a few new things on my blog such as how to mix match prints or how to dress for a date, celebrity or blogger inspired looks, etc. I really want to step up my blogging game if you know what I mean. Stay tuned for these changes. 
What I wore: Earrings- $5 Charlotte Russe Belt: (came on a skirt) Kohls
Shoes- $18.70 Shirt- $5.91 Old Navy Bracelets: Wet Seal, Rue 21 & F21