Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tribal Print

Hello there let me get right to it. I bought this dress online at Charlotte Russe because I fell in love with the print. When I got it in the mail I tried it on and I got excited all over again because of the length. I'm 5"10 so normally when I try on maxi dresses they aren't long enough but this dress right here...let me say it again this dress right here is almost the perfect length. The pattern, the length, the fit I like it.
Hubby was taking my pics and had me laughing so much but of course he kept snapping away.

I know it looks see through but it has a slip thing underneath but it only goes mid thigh length then the rest is see through.
Such gorgeous colors!!
This is my fav pic of the bunch but unfortunately it's blurry go figure. 

What I wore- Earrings: Old Navy $2.35 Necklace: Wet Seal $2 Bracelets: Wet Seal (Various Prices) Dress: Charlotte Russe $12 Shoes: DSW $29

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