Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Day!!!

Happy belated Thanksgiving!!! I was going to do this post yesterday but I ended doing a little black friday shopping.  Of course before all that took place I made thanksgiving dinner well i guess a late lunch you can call it. I cooked so much food it was out of control. I never cooked for thanksgiving before because either I went to a friend's house, was deployed or flew home to be with family.
So about this outfit! I had no idea what I was going to wear but I knew I wanted to wear something that would be lose around my stomach area since I was going to be eating...a lot. To be honest I didn't even over do it when I ate first year ever lol. Even though we stayed home and had people over I still wanted to wear something cute but make it semi casual so that's where the sandals came into play. If we went out I would have thrown on my leopard heels probably and a light jacket or cardigan.
I normally don't talk about my hair too much but I kinda like it right hair. I permed it the night before Thanksgiving put a light curl in it and threw some flexi rods (big purple foam ones) in it and a called it a night. I didn't want to be fussing with my hair especially since I had to cook in the morning. The next day after I was done cooking I took the rods out and my hair was curlier than I thought it was going to be so instead of leaving it down I put it to the side.
 It looks like I don't have shoes on.
What I wore- Earrings: Wet Seal Shirt: $7.50 Charlotte Russe 
Skirt: $4.15 Forever 21 Shoes: $8.74 Belt: $8 Target

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