Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Purple Plaid

Hello there. Now let's get right down to it. I think that Old Navy has become my fav store to shop at since last year. The amount of deals that I find there are out of control and I just wanna shout it from my rooftop, well maybe if I wasn't terrified of heights lol. So many people sleep on Old Navy but not me if they have a sale I'm there. I think I'm gonna do a little mini haul with pics of a few of my fav pieces that I have gotten from them within the past few months. I feel like I need to share these deals with someone right :-).
I got both my sweater and shirt from old navy within the last month. The crazy thing is the shirt is from the men's section but I had to have it. As soon as I seen the colors in the shirt I knew it was coming home with me for sure. The sweater I just bought last week and I like it a lot so I bought it in a few colors. I'm trying to get into buying more solids because I tend to get drawn into buying way too different patterns and what not. 
Now let's talk about these boots. I got them from Ross this weekend and they are ahhhmazing. I needed some new brown boots because the ones I got last year were getting scuffed probably since I have two left feet lol. So far I'm satisfied with them and I have so many ideas in my head of what to wear with them.
What I wore- Earrings: $2.35 3pk Shirt: $7.79 Sweater: $6.78 Old Navy 
Jeans: (old about $12-$14) Boots: $25 Ross

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