Monday, November 26, 2012

First Inspiration/Inspired Outfit

Hey y'all let's jump right in!! I went into Old Navy a few weeks back and they had a mannequin dressed in a pink sweater and polka  chambray dot like it is in the pic below. It was just a half mannequin so it didn't have pants, I don't think. So anyway I kept telling myself I'm going to recreate this look and I finally did. I might have to go to my local old navy and get a pic of the mannequin I saw because this pic down below isn't that good.
Yes I'm sitting on our A/C unit don't judge me lol. My feet were hurting sooooo bad because I've only worn these boots once and that was probably for like 10 minutes then I changed my outfit. 
Love the gold shimmer on this pullover sweater.
What I wore: Shirt: $15 Jeans: $15 Old Navy Boots: $30 Payless
Sweater: $4 Necklace: $2 Wet Seal