Sunday, November 18, 2012

Be Unexpected Sometimes

Hey there!!! I wore this yesterday to my stepson's/cousin's bday party. I wanted a cute but comfortable outfit since I was going to be around a lot of kids. 
I was talking to my mom yesterday about what I wore and I sent her a pic, also sent it to my sister because she wanted to see. My sis said she liked the whole outfit but if it was her wearing it she would opt out of picking the jeans blazer and choose a black blazer instead. I was explaining to my mom that sometimes I want to do the unexpected because I feel like a black blazer is to be expected. I mean that's just me though. I always gotta throw something extra in and with this outfit it happens to be the blazer and the necklace. I think I served it well, what do yall think? 
 The blazer looks shiny in the pics and a little litter than what it really is.
Um these boots...yeah they kinda hot though!!

What I wore- Necklace: $5 Charlotte Russe Blazer: $8.73 Old Navy Shirt: $8.99 Ross
Pants: (Old) Rue 21 Boots: $56 Kohls

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