Monday, November 26, 2012

First Inspiration/Inspired Outfit

Hey y'all let's jump right in!! I went into Old Navy a few weeks back and they had a mannequin dressed in a pink sweater and polka  chambray dot like it is in the pic below. It was just a half mannequin so it didn't have pants, I don't think. So anyway I kept telling myself I'm going to recreate this look and I finally did. I might have to go to my local old navy and get a pic of the mannequin I saw because this pic down below isn't that good.
Yes I'm sitting on our A/C unit don't judge me lol. My feet were hurting sooooo bad because I've only worn these boots once and that was probably for like 10 minutes then I changed my outfit. 
Love the gold shimmer on this pullover sweater.
What I wore: Shirt: $15 Jeans: $15 Old Navy Boots: $30 Payless
Sweater: $4 Necklace: $2 Wet Seal 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Night on the Town: Floral & Stripes Edition

 Hey there!! Last night I went out with the homie from work for her birthday. First we went to see the Thunder down Under show at one of the casinos in town. After that we hit up local pool hall/bar and had jello shots. Then we went to a club had some drinks and danced a little bit. It was a fun night I haven't been out in forever.
Some of the pics were taken with our phones some with my camera (halfway through I realized I had brought my smaller camera duhhhh)
Below is the outfit I wore. Normally I would wear heels when going out but it was just a casual night out. I threw on a blazer to give my outfit a dressed up vibe. Don't you love how a blazer can turn up a casual outfit?? They are so versatile and essential in anyone's closet.
At the show
Jell-O shots!!! 
My hair for the night

 This is the only pic I got of my whole outfit since I didn't take any pics before leaving the house.
 All I want for my birthday...
What I wore: Earrings: $2 Jeans: $17 Charlotte Russe Blazer: $8.73 Old Navy
Shirt: $5.99 Ross Boots: $38 Shoe Dept Bracelet: $3 Wet Seal

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Day!!!

Happy belated Thanksgiving!!! I was going to do this post yesterday but I ended doing a little black friday shopping.  Of course before all that took place I made thanksgiving dinner well i guess a late lunch you can call it. I cooked so much food it was out of control. I never cooked for thanksgiving before because either I went to a friend's house, was deployed or flew home to be with family.
So about this outfit! I had no idea what I was going to wear but I knew I wanted to wear something that would be lose around my stomach area since I was going to be eating...a lot. To be honest I didn't even over do it when I ate first year ever lol. Even though we stayed home and had people over I still wanted to wear something cute but make it semi casual so that's where the sandals came into play. If we went out I would have thrown on my leopard heels probably and a light jacket or cardigan.
I normally don't talk about my hair too much but I kinda like it right hair. I permed it the night before Thanksgiving put a light curl in it and threw some flexi rods (big purple foam ones) in it and a called it a night. I didn't want to be fussing with my hair especially since I had to cook in the morning. The next day after I was done cooking I took the rods out and my hair was curlier than I thought it was going to be so instead of leaving it down I put it to the side.
 It looks like I don't have shoes on.
What I wore- Earrings: Wet Seal Shirt: $7.50 Charlotte Russe 
Skirt: $4.15 Forever 21 Shoes: $8.74 Belt: $8 Target

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Be Unexpected Sometimes

Hey there!!! I wore this yesterday to my stepson's/cousin's bday party. I wanted a cute but comfortable outfit since I was going to be around a lot of kids. 
I was talking to my mom yesterday about what I wore and I sent her a pic, also sent it to my sister because she wanted to see. My sis said she liked the whole outfit but if it was her wearing it she would opt out of picking the jeans blazer and choose a black blazer instead. I was explaining to my mom that sometimes I want to do the unexpected because I feel like a black blazer is to be expected. I mean that's just me though. I always gotta throw something extra in and with this outfit it happens to be the blazer and the necklace. I think I served it well, what do yall think? 
 The blazer looks shiny in the pics and a little litter than what it really is.
Um these boots...yeah they kinda hot though!!

What I wore- Necklace: $5 Charlotte Russe Blazer: $8.73 Old Navy Shirt: $8.99 Ross
Pants: (Old) Rue 21 Boots: $56 Kohls

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hey there! Just a quick post. I wore this the other day to run around with the hubby.
What I wore- Shirt: $4.24 Old Navy Necklace: $2.70 Wet Seal 
Leggings: $6 Walmart Boots: $23 Ross

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fav Old Navy Items Haul

As promised here are some of my favorite items that I purchased from Old Navy in the recent months.
I have already styled these in an outfit post a few weeks back. Here 
 Under $3
This is actually a men's shirt but as soon as I laid eyes on it I had to have it. 
Love the combo of colors. I style this in a blog post that should be up tomorrow.
This shirt is super cute. I got it in a bigger size so it could have that oversized feel. 
Finally got an all purpose black dress yippee!!
This dress is amazing and the fit is great. 
I love the colors in this dress. Who said fall and winter clothes have to be dull.
Got this sweater a size bigger than normal so it could be slouchy and off the shoulder.
I got a few plaid shirts but I think this one is my fav besides for the blue one up above. 
These boyfriend khakis are so vibrant and the fit is really nice. 
I style them already check it out Here
Been looking for a skirt like these for a while. It's a thick/structured material unlike normal 
body con skirts and very versatile.
I ordered these jeans online since they don't sell the long size in store. 
$15 each
This color is so amazing and when I seen them online I had to get them!