Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lace & Florals

Hello there! I took these pics last week and hadn't posted them. As you can see I was forced to take the pictures inside due to the cold and rainy weather outside. On the plus side that means fall is coming soon. I'm so ready for the fall weather I like summer but the past few weeks it was heat stroke hot I wasn't too happy about that. 
Now about the outfit. I couldn't wait for any sign of the cold weather to pull some boots out the closet and last week was my first opportunity. It wasn't that cold somewhere in the high 60's so no heavy layering was needed. I picked this shirt up on a very recent purchase from Charlotte Russe and the pants from Ross a few months back. I've had the boots since last winter that I purchased from Ross right before my deployment (yes couldn't pass up the deal).


Earrings: Old Navy $2.35 (3 pk) Shirt: Charlotte Russe: $7 Cami: Forever 21 $2.80 Pants: Ross $10
Boots: Ross (old but either $23 or $25)