Monday, October 8, 2012

Furry Friend

Yes guess what time it is...fall!!! Where I live it's been hot up until this week and I couldn't be happier I'm ready to break out the cold weather clothing. So bring on the sweaters, scarves, boots, and hats yipee!! Ok let me get back to reality lol.
I wore this out to dinner with my hubby and the kids. I almost changed right before we walked out the house because I felt a bit over done but I decided against it. It's been a while since I've dressed up so I said oh what the heck I'm wearing my heels lol. It was a kinda chilly tonight high 50's but it didn't feel to bad seeing as how I had my shoulders all out and thangs. Most of these pieces in this outfit I've had for a little while but haven't wore it except the vest, it was a recent purchase. The vest was actually an investment piece because I've wanted one like this for a longgggg time. I seen it at old navy and I almost fainted in the store. Me being the bargainista that I am I was not paying $30 for it so I waited until it was time to redeem my super cash I had earned from that shopping trip and went back about 2 weeks later. I ended up getting the vest for $18 with my super cash. Normally I would wait for it to go down some more but I knew it would be put to good use so I splurged on the vest. I also invested in getting a tripod I know my husband must be excited about that lol I'm very particular about my pictures and I know he'd rather not be standing around taking 1,000 pictures.
I decided to take these pictures despite my lip being swollen on one side. Boy the things we do for fashion but I really wanted to share this outfit.
Um what the heck was I doing :-)
He get it from his that is
The kids: My son on the left/ Stepson on the right

Earrings: Wet Seal $2 Vest: Old Navy $18 Shirt: Pacsun $9 Cami: Forever 21 $2.80
  Belt: Rue 21 $1 Jeggings: Wet Seal (old $6 or $8) Boots: Bakers $18 

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