Friday, October 12, 2012

Coral & Cognac

Hey there I'm not gonna ramble on today it's kind of late just got off work and I have to be up early in the AM for some training class...yay me. Good thing is tomorrow is Friday yipee!!!! Anyway these boots I have on are starting to annoy me. When I bought them I was so excited to finally have the perfect pair of cognac boots or so I thought. I tried them on thinking ok these are some cute knee high boots but they don't stay that way. The first time I wore them they slouched down so much. This time I figured let me try out some leg warmers they will for sure do the trick and keep these puppies up. Um no they didn't so I think I am still on the hunt for some good cognac boots minus the slouch.
I finally got my hubby to be in some of the pictures he he. I don't think he likes taking pics.
What I wore- Earrings: Pacsun $3 Cami: Forever 21: $2.80 Belt: Rue 21 $1 Leggings: Wetseal $4
Shirt: Forever 21 $10 (got another item free) Boots: DSW $40

What he wore- Shirt: Dillard's Jeans: Old Shoes: Ebay

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