Sunday, July 29, 2012

Leopard Stripes

I literally have been sitting at my computer for hours upon hours trying to make these pictures look good but I can't seem to figure it out! Ughhh I'm completely frustrated to the 10th power with trying to get these pics to look how they should look. I even asked my husband to look at it and he's like what I don't know what you see they look fine lol. Men! I know I'm not crazy they look way better on my computer.
Sorry I had to vent, ok I'm back lol.  The other day I wore this outfit to run errands with the hubby. Initially I was going to wear a yellow and white striped shirt but boy was I wrong. I walked up and asked if he was ready to go, he looks at me and says hmm see thru huh, I'm like yeah so what it's hot. With a smile on his say he says you're married now you can't wear stuff like that. Mind you we've only been married a week lol. I'll try to wear it another time maybe at night he he.

What I wore: Shirt-$4.72 Earrings 2pk-$2.35 Ring-$2.35 (Old Navy)/ Pants-$13 (Wet Seal)/ 
Shoes-$19 (Target) 

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